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SharePoint Form Validation provides a way to validate input content when you create an item in New-Form or edit an item in Edit Form. By default, SharePoint can do some simple Validations such as "Required Field" on server side when you submit form. But you ...
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"The Email Validation Component is a true native, 100% managed C# component that can be implemented for both Webform and Winform."Email Validation Component does:1. An accurate syntax check 2. A domain check by looking up MX records 3. A username test using SMTP We've packed ...
Email Verifier - Verify Email - verify email address - email verification - valid email address - validate email address - email validation
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A small Validation library for .NET that uses a fluent interface and lambda expressions for building Validation rules for your business objects.
Validation - Framework - lambda - validation framework - fluent interface - lambda expressions
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Email Validation tool verifies and cleans up your mailing list by checking every e-mail address in the mailing list and determining whether e-mails are still valid. It is easy to use, powerful and reliable utility and first email verifier to verify and clean up your ...
Email List Management - email validator - verify email address - email cleaner - email verification tool - email validation software - bulk e-mail verifier - check domain - domain validation program
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The Validation Processor control automatically highlights all invalid form fields, auto focuses the cursor on the first error, provides a complete error summary with the ability to jump to any error listed, and works with all of the validators that ship with ASP.NET as well ...
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Verify thousands of email addresses with a single line of code. The .NET Email Validation Library checks syntax, performs MxRecord lookups, and validates mailboxes. Validate asynchronously over multiple processors. The library detects curse words, checks domain typos, checks top level domains and detects fake email ...
Validation - Email - .net - Validate - Verify - MxRecord
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A simple php data validator class to make the server-side data Validation easier. Just call the approriate functions and a single line of code can do multiple fields Validation.
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extension of and cgiemail.cgi concepts to provide centralized, roubust, extensible, server-based form processing service.
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License Activation and Validation Proxy Server handles license activation requests and forward to any Auto License Generation and Activation Server or Online.License4j. License4J License Manager GUI tool stores products, templates, and licenses in a defined database server. When a database server other than local embedded ...
license activation - java software licensing - license validation
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Formcat 1.01 is a class for form Validation in client-side.Its design goal is to generate the javascript for client-side Validation as easy and flexible as possible.It runs on Smarty as a powerful plug-in.Formcat has no function for server-side validatio
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IVF stands for Input Validation Framework and is an open source framework for .NET supporting configurable, extensible and relatively complex external Validation rules for user input in .NET applications. Intended for use in WinForm applications.
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The major idea of Jargus is to provide a simple yet powerful, uniform, reusable solution for parameter Validation. A JSP Taglib implementation is provided.
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The Java Validation Library provides a set of classes to validate data. The rules for Validation are configurable through XML.
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SVT (Struts Validation Toolkit) is a Validation framework for Struts. You can write a simple Validation code in Java. This will allow you to write more flexible rules, rather than writing Validation.xml files.
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Contains Struts Jsp Tag extensions that allow coding user input Validation information directly in a Jsp tag.
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The Validation Application Block encapsulates the logic needed to implement business rule Validation against domain model entities.
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Config::Model enables a project developer to provide a graphical configuration editor for his users. For this, the developer must describe the structure and constraints of his project's config (i.e. the config model). Files are available on CPAN
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This script is designed to help validate human input on a form by showing a gd generated image with a dictionary based random word that the user must input into a form when submitting which is validated by using a database table that tracks the ...
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Rules are changing everyday in the face of rapidly volatile business requirements . How do we handle this change while keeping our systems effectively maintainable, reusable and extensible?
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The CCU is designed to minimize the time needed to create skeleton code in a variety of languages. It allows users to define objects in a friendly GUI or to import code from a text/binary file or a database. Once components have been created or ...
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AltovaXML 2010 is a free XML standards processor that includes the Altova XSLT 1.0 and schema-aware XSLT 2.0 engine, XQuery 1.0 engine, XBRL validator, and XML validating parser. Now developers can use the same processors and validator found in Altova's award-winning XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision ...
Xml Validation - W3c - Xslt 1 - Xslt Engine - Xquery 1
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Contact Form Killer is a nice little tool you can add to your web site to easily generate contact forms with all that messy form Validation already taken care of for you. You can also let your site visitors use the tool to create forms ...
Validation - Design - Contact - Form - Web Design
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Freeware for fast training, Validation, and application of regression/approximation networks including the multilayer perceptron (MLP), functional link network, ordered functional link network, and piecewise linear network. The self organizing map (SOM) and K-Means clustering are also included. Fast pruning algorithms create and validate a nested ...
Validation - Approximation - Regression - Multilayer Perceptron - Fast Training
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