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SFTP .Net Component for implementing seCure file transfer over SSH in C#, Vb.Net, and ASP.Net
Programming - Ssh - Sftp - Library - Component - C# - Class - Toolkit - Sdk - Module
Size: 2,437k, Revised: July 30th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

SSH .Net Component for Remote Shell and Remote Command ExeCution (for C#, Vb.Net, ASP.Net)
Shell - Programming - Ssh - Library - Component - C# - Class - Toolkit - Sdk - Module
Size: 2,437k, Revised: May 9th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

Rar / Unrar .Net Component for C#, Vb.Net, and ASP.Net. ExtraCt files and direCtories from a Rar arChive. List RAR arChive Contents.
Rar - Compression - Library - Component - C# - .net - Unrar - Class - Sdk - Api
Size: 1,956k, Revised: July 26th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

VbConversions has the most aCCurate Vb.Net to C# Converter money Can buy. The VbConversions Vb.Net to C# Converter will Convert your Vb.Net program to C# with over 99% aCCuraCy. It won the Coveted Visual Studio Magazine Reader's ChoiCe Award in 2006 in the developer tools ...
Conversion - Vb - Converter - C# - .net - Visual Basic - Translator - Translation - vb net - .net framework
Size: 6,661k, Revised: December 24th 2015, By: VBConversions Admin

Simple Mandelbrot viewer written in Vb.Net. I finally downloaded the Express edition of MiCrosoft Visual BasiC .Net, and started a long-overdue peek into the muCh-hyped .Net teChnology. Up till now, most of my Code has been plain C++ with straight Windows API Calls. I generally ...
Size: 41k, Revised: April 27th 2009, By: Dmitry Brant

The Vb.Net DoCumentation Tool Creates Comprehensive doCumentation for .Net Framework projeCts developed in Vb.Net and their assoCiated SQL Server/MiCrosoft ACCess databases. Most types of projeCt (Windows Forms, ASP.Net, etC.) are supported. C# Code is also supported. Reports are Created in standard HTML, MiCrosoft HTML Help ...
Code - Documentation - Vb - Database - Help - Access - Functions - Document - Visual Basic - Sql Server
Size: 2,980k, Revised: August 14th 2012, By: Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited

ObjeCt-Oriented JNI Add-In is a tool developed for MS Visual Studio 2005. It generates C# Code (OOJNI Classes) for java byte Code (SUN/IBM/MS JDK1.1.x, JDK1.3.x and later) seleCted and inCludes it into the aCtive projeCt. It also makes JNI implementation of Java Class native methods. ...
Tool - Java - C# - .net - Add-in - Object-oriented - JNI - VS2005
Size: 768k, Revised: August 24th 2012, By: Javain Ltd.

Vb.Net Analyser is a CompaCt appliCation that is designed to analyze Vb.Net solution files and display the number of lines it Contains. ACtually it Can display muCh more information suCh as the number of projeCt and of the Comment lines.Right now all the Vb.Net Analyser ...
Code - Counter - Count - line counter - VB NET Analyser - count code line - analyze VB NET solution
 , Revised: July 7th 2012, By: Nodesoft


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PrepKit MCITP 70-564-Vb, MCPD: ASP Vb.Net Framework is an interaCtive software appliCation that helps you learn, traCks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the aCtual exam. This PrepKit Contains 5 interaCtive praCtiCe tests with over 400 Challenging questions guaranteed to Comprehensively Cover all ...
70-564-VB - MCPD ASP VB NET Framework - 70-564-VB question - 70-564-VB exam - 70-564-VB study guide - 70-564-VB notes - MCITP 70-564-VB - 70-564-VB practice test - 70-564-VB mock test - 70-564-VB test
Size: 8,192k, Revised: June 17th 2012, By: uCertify.com

PrepKit MCTS.Net 70-529-Vb, Vb.Net 2.0 Distributed AppliCation Development is an interaCtive software appliCation that helps you learn, traCks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the aCtual exam. This PrepKit Contains 6 interaCtive praCtiCe tests with over 470 Challenging questions guaranteed to Comprehensively Cover ...
70-529-VB - VB NET 2 0 Distributed Application Devel - 70-529-VB question - 70-529-VB exam - 70-529-VB study guide - 70-529-VB notes - MCTS NET 70-529-VB - 70-529-VB practice test - 70-529-VB mock test - 70-529-VB test
Size: 8,192k, Revised: June 14th 2012, By: uCertify.com

The VbConversions Vb.Net to J# Converter is a Visual Studio 2003 add-in whiCh will instantly Convert your Vb.Net programs to J#. A Converted J# projeCt will be added to your existing solution, right within the Visual Studio environment.
Size: 1,833k, Revised: August 16th 2012, By: VBConversions

This is an AutomatiC Updater that is written in Vb.Net. It uses XML files to pull the version info the files and then goes to the CorreCt sub that will download the right .zip files.
Size: 131k, Revised: October 16th 2012, By: vbnetautomaticu.sourceforge.net

This is one of the first .Net CSS Parsers. It is built using Vb.Net on Windows XP for the .Net Framework 2.0. This was designed to overCome both IE and Firefox's shortComings and to develop a CSS engine whiCh Can apply formatting to WinForm objeCts.
Size: 7k, Revised: May 8th 2012, By: vbcssparser.sourceforge.net

using visual studio 2010, this is a working .Net speeCh reCognition mini appliCation.(( Sample ))
Size: 134k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By: SourceForge.net

OneZero Media is pre-releasing it's beta version of IBuySpy Store - IBS 'Open-SourCe' - on a limited basis to developers who wish to extend the funCtionality of the IBS Store framework and help develop a fully-featured, open-sourCe version of IBS Store
Size: 587k, Revised: July 12th 2012, By: ibssopensource.sourceforge.net

Raw Data Printer is an intelligent ACtiveX Component (DLL) speCifiCally designed for sending raw data to any type of printers, inCluding label printers, tiCket printers, RFID printers, barCode printers, CheCk printers and Cash registers. It enables you to print raw data and send native printer ...
Vb - Vba - Pcl - Ms Access - Ms Excel - Ms Word - vb net - cash registers - C NET - VC NET
Size: 1,638k, Revised: June 1st 2012, By: VBGold Software

Your appliCation may be dealing with all different types of data files. These Could be stoCk lists, orders, images; pretty muCh anything your appliCation Can store. But Consider the need to transfer these files from your deviCe to your server. In most Cases you will ...
Ftp - Mobile - C# - Pocket - vb net - evb
Size: 553k, Revised: September 21st 2012, By: Sapphire Solutions Ltd.

RefraCtor .Net assembly browser is free developer tool designed to enable easy .Net assembly browsing and deCompiling. The interfaCe builds on years of experienCe in Code analysis and development produCtiveness speCially Created for Skater .Net obfusCator, RustemSoft's .Net Code proteCtion software. The .Net assembly browser ...
Dll - Application - C# - Visual Studio - .net - Visual Basic - Decompiler - Assembly - Obfuscator - decompile
Size: 2,518k, Revised: April 1st 2012, By: RustemSoft

ASP.Net Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that Can generate dynamiC ASP.Net (C# or Vb.Net) Web reports from a MiCrosoft ACCess database or other ADO Data SourCe. You Can instantly Create live detail and summary reports or Crosstabs reports (for ACCess, SQL Server, MySQL, ...
Html - Code - Web - Server - Pages - Script - Database - Report - Asp - Access
Size: 13,435k, Revised: August 24th 2012, By: e.World Technology Ltd.

NBarCode for .Net are C# and Vb.Net Components for BarCode Reading and Writing. It suports Windows Forms, ASP.Net, WPF, SQL Server Reporting ServiCes appliCations. NBarCode for .Net supports most popular Linear (1D), 2D barCode standards, all-in-one solution inCluding Code 39, Code 128,EAN 13, UPC, Postal, ...
Vb - Barcode - C# - .net - vb net - barcode reader - Barcode Writer
Size: 10,004k, Revised: August 30th 2012, By: NBarcode Ltd.

PlotLab is a set of .Net 2.0-4.5 Components for very easy and fast Data Visualization. Also inCludes a visual graphiCal editor for Codeless development. PlotLab is a set of very fast data plotting / Charting / graphing Components. Add sophistiCated interaCtive graphs, Charts, plots, and ...
Library - Libraries - Plot - Graph - C# - Visual Studio - .net - Chart - Waterfall - vb net
Size: 237,372k, Revised: August 14th 2014, By: Mitov Software

Use visual designers of Add-in Express 2007 for .Net to develop seCure and isolated, version-neutral and feature-riCh, deployable and updatable extensions for all available MiCrosoft OffiCe versions, inCluding OffiCe 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and OffiCe 2000.ProjeCt templates of Add-in Express support all OffiCe extensibility teChnologies ...
Word - Plugin - C++ - Vb - Outlook - Add-ins - Office - C# - .net - Visual Basic
Size: 1,526k, Revised: May 23rd 2012, By: Add-in Express Ltd.

Add-in Express is all-in-one platform for developing any types of OffiCe extensibility projeCts. You use visual designers instead of error-prone Coding to Create powerful COM add-ins, smart tags, RTD servers and ExCel UDFs for all available MiCrosoft OffiCe versions, from 2000 to 2010. Using Add-in ...
Word - Plugin - C++ - Vb - Outlook - Add-ins - Office - C# - .net - Visual Basic
Size: 2,447k, Revised: October 23rd 2012, By: Add-in Express Ltd.