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This is going to a Visual Basic version of the entire Windows Api library (and not just the functions Vb gives you with Api Viewer - I\'m talking about the whole thing!) categorized by module. I hope to also include wrappers for certain task
Size: 417k, Revised: June 24th 2012, By: vbwinapi.sourceforge.net

Enable your web sites, intranets or applications to send and receive SMS messages to and from 130 countries. Build web sites that dispatch ring tones, VCards or picture messages. Enhance your CRM solution with 2-way SMS messaging. The Redcoal Mobile Internet Developer Api (MIDA) provides ...
Xml - Mobile - Sms - Text Messaging - Enable - Actrivex - Soap
Size: 1,157k, Revised: August 12th 2008, By: Redcoal

AdventNet SNMP Api offers a comprehensive development toolkit for SNMP-based network management applications. AdventNet's SNMP stack comprises a set of powerful Java SNMP library to build real-time applications for monitoring and tracking network elements that are reliable, scalable, and OS independent.The Java SNMP library provides ...
Snmp - Agent - Snmp Trap - Network Management - Snmp V1 - Snmp V2c - Snmp V3 - Snmp Proxy - Snmp Forwarding - Snmp Api
Size: 3,042k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Adventnet

A simple program to keep track of your current weight and your goal weight. Includes a history of your weight changes.
Size: 1,439k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Be Happy Dammit

Speed-O-Meter is a program that measures the TCP/IP speed of all interfaces on your machine including network adapters and modems. Use it to test your internet connection speed! It displays the TRUE transmission speed and does not average it like IE. This program is freeware.
Test - Download - Monitor - Internet - Speed - Network - Bandwidth - Net - Qos - Throughput
Size: 4,541k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Cymphonix

This free online Meter will record your online time precisely. Its smart detection system will detect what ISP you are dialing and record the time and calculate the price for you
Modem - Internet - Connection - And - Share - Dial - Your - Remotely - Easily - Ics
Size: 879k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: birusoft

Es sind 2 Programme enthalten: Mit dem einen kann ein Vb 5/6 - Projekt zusammengefasst werden und anschließend beispielsweise in einer Textverarbeitung ausgedruckt werden. Mit dem anderen können die Objekte eines Vb 5/6 - Projektes gezählt werden. Dabei wird auch die Projektstruktur verdeutlicht.
Size: 641k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Andreas Breitschopp - Softwareentwicklung und -vertrieb

Blogger Api ActiveX component for posting to blogs at blogger.com. Can create new posts, edit posts, delete posts, and retrieve all information for each post in a blog. It also provides a general purpose Atom Api for manipulating Atom feed documents. The component is free ...
Size: 495k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By: worldwideweb-x.com


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xCap freeware Activex for display oscilloscope from audio input, very simple to use.
Audio - Activex - Visual Basic - Ocx - Meter - Spectrum - Oscilloscope - Vu Meter
Size: 67k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Alessandro Valenti

This Protracker (MOD) and MP3 player you can easily and quickly you many formats of audio files listen, copy, rename, view file properties, and any music files, delete unnecessary. You get a quick overview of the files which you can easily reach the desired sound ...
Size: 717k, Revised: May 14th 2009, By: RGS-Avance Software

Text_ProgressCtl is a simple progress bar with text.VuCtrl uses a gradient progress bar to simulate a Vu Meter as could be found on audio systems. Text may also been added.. John Findlay's PellesC and lcc-win32 code resources.. John's Web Page is where you will find ...
Size: 31k, Revised: May 21st 2009, By: Gerard Durand

djDecks is a computer mixing program for both beginning and professional dj's. Mix your mp3, ogg, wma, flac, wav files or audio cd's easily on any configuration. djDecks is all you need to get started and become a dj! Features: Decks -Play mp3, wma, ogg, ...
Mixer - Audio Player - Equalizer - DJ mixer - MP3 Mixer - reverb - dj Decks
Size: 9,421k, Revised: July 18th 2012, By: adionSoft

All you need to cut your mp3 mp3DirectCut is a fast and extensive audio editor and recorder for compressed mp3. You can directly cut, copy, paste or change the volume with no need to decompress your files for audio editing. This saves encoding time and ...
Edit - Mp3 - Split - edit MPEG - change the volume - no quality loss - mp3 Direct Cut
 , Revised: June 1st 2012, By: Martin Pesch

Active Sound Studio is a "2-in-1" product suite, intended for the Professional and Enterprise developer, containing two controls based upon ActiveX technology: Active Sound Recorder: adds sound recording, sound analysis and CD ripping to multimedia applications. Supports recording and encoding in several formats. Visual feedback ...
Sound - Activex - Activex Control - Playback - Active Sound Studio Personal - add sound - sound playback
 , Revised: August 11th 2012, By: MultiMedia Soft

Built off of the PCDJ DEX Technology, RED Mobile is lighter DJ software aimed directly at the needs of the Mobile DJ. Everything you want to make your job easier, with a clean and user friendly interface that easy to navigate. Use many of the ...
Dj - Mixer - Mix - audio mixer - DJ mixer - song synchronizer
Size: 13,486k, Revised: July 4th 2012, By: Digital 1 Media, Inc.

This sophisticated piece of software turns your computer into a modern, State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the possibilities of any stand-alone hardware unit.- VST Plugin support- An important advantage of your new analyzer software is the fact that your computer ...
Correlation - Vu Meter - 1 24 Octave Spectrum Analyzer - RMS - RMS Level Meter - VST Plugin support
Size: 18,852k, Revised: August 19th 2012, By: PAS-Products

Simple Internet Meter is my new bandwidth monitor. After my program CS Fire Monitor came out years ago I had many requests for added features. Many of those features where not possible to add using the Windows Api. Such as seeing what is internet traffic ...
Size: 3,994k, Revised: December 18th 2009, By: PcWinTech (19 other programs)

Deviare contains Hook Applications that let the user monitor Api calls and watch values of all paraMeter types. It support structures, arrays and display them expanded. These applications contains source code to show how it is achieved and the developer can change it to use ...
Debugging - Tracing - win32 hook - api hook - api hook library - hook library - windows hook - vb hook library - .net hook library - c hook library
Size: 11,899k, Revised: June 20th 2012, By: Nektra

Simple Mandelbrot viewer written in Vb.NET. I finally downloaded the Express edition of Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, and started a long-overdue peek into the much-hyped .NET technology. Up till now, most of my code has been plain C++ with straight Windows Api calls. I generally ...
Size: 41k, Revised: April 27th 2009, By: Dmitry Brant

SFTP .NET Component for implementing secure file transfer over SSH in C#, Vb.NET, and ASP.NET
Programming - Ssh - Sftp - Library - Component - C# - Class - Toolkit - Sdk - Module
Size: 2,437k, Revised: July 30th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

SSH .NET Component for Remote Shell and Remote Command Execution (for C#, Vb.NET, ASP.NET)
Shell - Programming - Ssh - Library - Component - C# - Class - Toolkit - Sdk - Module
Size: 2,437k, Revised: May 9th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

Rar / Unrar .NET component for C#, Vb.NET, and ASP.NET. Extract files and directories from a Rar archive. List RAR archive contents.
Rar - Compression - Library - Component - C# - .net - Unrar - Class - Sdk - Api
Size: 1,956k, Revised: July 26th 2012, By: Chilkat Software, Inc.

VbConversions has the most accurate Vb.Net to C# Converter money can buy. The VbConversions Vb.Net to C# Converter will convert your Vb.Net program to C# with over 99% accuracy. It won the coveted Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award in 2006 in the developer tools ...
Conversion - Vb - Converter - C# - .net - Visual Basic - Translator - Translation - vb net - .net framework
Size: 6,661k, Revised: December 24th 2015, By: VBConversions Admin