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This add-on contains over 600 Spanish words and expressions with audio recorded by a native Spanish speaker. The material is divided into 15 topics: - Apartment- Business- Colors- Common Expressions - Describing People- Entertainment- Getting There- Family- Medical- Numbers- Occupations- School- Shopping- Time - Basic ...
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A simple yet powerful tool to build your Vocabulary using virtual flash cards. FlashCards123.co.cc - Flash Cards (>5000 Words) - English Vocabulary (GRE, CAT, MBA) - Powered by CO.CC. FlashCards123 Flash Cards (>5000 Words) - Created By: Viral Patel !!~ Vocabulary
Size: 72k, Revised: March 26th 2009, By: Viral Patel

Oak Vocabulary is Firefox Extension for check new words on the WebPage, using some online dictionaries. It supports multi-Language. current release is version 0.6.4. it was submited to Mozilla community. latest updated on. home (gsmchenzhiyuan).
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Russian Language and Hollywood Movies in the HollywoodVocabulary Software! Download the program free and learn the Russian Language where and when you want. The software is based on subtitles of Hollywood famous pictures. We launched the program software which unites simplicity and convenience. The HollywoodVocabulary ...
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Vocabulary Instiller can be used after a language lesson at school, before an exam, during work or during watching a movie.. Vocabulary Instiller. Program for easy memorizing words or anything you want.
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Application allows you to train your Vocabulary. There are many lessons available for many combinations of languages. Application has audio output and displays hyphenation and IPA transcription for English words. There are several hints available for every question.. Vzd?l?vac? software, testy, ?l?nky. Vzd?l?vac? software, testy, ...
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SpiceLogic Inc. offers the most comprehensive Vocabulary builder available in the market for GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT and ACT. It's easy-to-understand and unique features would help anyone to build an enriched Vocabulary for any competitive test. This software contains a database of 2000+ words and ...
Vocabulary - Vocabulary software - ACT Vocabulary - vocabulary builder - English vocabulary - TOEFL vocabulary - GMAT vocabulary - GRE vocabulary - SAT vocabulary - LSAT vocabulary
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It is a powerful Software not only for studends but also for parents and tutors. For students, it is an open and interactive product to add new words, write own notes for each word, or update explanations and examples. Besides, it traces all test and ...
English word builder - SAT words - SAT words builder
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Import and Export working with CSV format (Excel, OpenOffice), so there is no problem with adding your own words. The application is offered free of charge, is portable without installation. Powered by Java (JRE). JP Vocabulary offers a very nice handling and appearance.It also includes ...
Vocabulary - Test - English - French - German - Languages
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Improving Vocabulary Idea - Vocabulary Booster Mp3 The Vocabulary Booster MP3 boosts verbal IQ, SAT scores, school grades and career success. Guaranteed results. You can take courses, most of which are free! This is kind of Vocabulary lesson I remember from my public school days. ...
Improving Vocabulary Idea - Vocabulary Booster Mp3
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Flash Cards help you learn quicker. No need to waste time studying what you already know. Korean Vocabulary moves you quickly though information that you already know and keeps reviewing what you do not know. Information is presented in bite size pieces for quick understanding ...
Korean Vocabulary - Learn - Education - Flashcards - Long Term Memory
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With Tangia, students learn Vocabulary through a study of English words with Greek and Latin etymologies, of which 80-85% of the more difficult English words are composed. With each set of key prefixes and roots, students move through eight different learning modes, culminating in a ...
Vocabulary - Vocab - Word - Words - Software - Parts - Greek - Based - Classroom - Latin
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SAT Word Mage: This Vocabulary software covers high-frequency SAT Vocabulary words with engaging backgrounds and constant interactive learning situations. Studying these words improves performance on any verbal standardized test, including the ACT and GRE. Full scoring and tracking of all user responses is included. Engaging ...
Vocabulary - Words - Software - Builder - Building - Sat - Lab - Classroom
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SAT Words College: This Vocabulary software covers high-frequency SAT Vocabulary words with engaging backgrounds and constant interactive learning situations. Studying these words improves performance on any verbal standardized test, including the ACT and GRE. Full scoring and tracking of all user responses is included. Engaging ...
Vocabulary - Words - Software - Builder - Building - College - Lab - Level - Classroom
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Anyone exposed to The WordSmart Vocabulary Program could raise their I.Q. by an incredible 20-40 points! Adults will gain stature in the workplace, greatly expanding their career opportunities. And children will increase their English grade by a whole letter gradeā€¦GUARANTEED!WordSmart has already helped tens of ...
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Vocabulary racing is a simple Vocabulary game for PC. It makes the task of learning more Vocabulary easier than ever. Spanish words or French words appear before your eyes and you have to type their english equivalent, or you can do the inverse. A good ...
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Vocabulary Fitness is a self-paced skill-building software program that helps students improve their Vocabulary skills and provides teachers with measurable results. The program helps students master commonly confused and misused words. Students' scores are kept in a management system that allows teachers to view and ...
Size: 2,150k, Revised: August 30th 2012, By: meritsoftware.com

Improve and reinforce the Vocabulary skills of your students with challenging and motivating worksheet activities created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1. With the ultimate in worksheet generation technology at your fingertips, the creation of lesson-enhancing support materials for the classroom will be a lot more ...
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MyVoc is an easy to use and effective tool for learning Vocabulary in any language. You simply create a list of words or phrases that you would like to know and the learning begins immediately.In addition it reads words and texts aloud with smooth, natural ...
Size: 1,024k, Revised: July 31st 2012, By: ITN LAB

Cross-platform application aimed at helping users to learn Vocabulary from any foreign language(s). Add/Edit/Delete vocab words (w/ translation, category, sentence, notes, picture). Review (Quiz) Vocabulary words.
Size: 10,877k, Revised: August 6th 2012, By: briggs-inc.com

MobVoc is a basic Vocabulary trainer for small Java-enabled devices (mobile phones, CLDC-1.1/MIDP-2.0). It is ment as a replacement for paper based flashcards. MobVoc reads KVTML2 files produced by Parley and other KDE-Edu applications.
Size: 53k, Revised: October 10th 2012, By: mobvoc.sourceforge.net

Vocabulary Practice is a flashcard program intended to aid in learning simplified Chinese characters and Vocabulary. Words can be better understood by reading them in context. Tools include a dictionary, pinyin writer, and automatic list maker.
Size: 472k, Revised: September 7th 2012, By: vocabpractice.sourceforge.net

A perl program that help you learn Vocabulary, could be any language because you can create your own Vocabulary file (which is very easy). Are already included some Vocabulary files, but I recommend to make your own list.
Size: 14k, Revised: June 16th 2012, By: linvoc.sourceforge.net