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DigPHP allows you to view the Files and folders on a Web server. It supports syntax highlighting of many different File types including: PHP, XML, (X)HTML, CSS, ASP and JavaScript.
Size: 60k, Revised: May 18th 2012, By: digphp.sourceforge.net

The QuiXplorer project has been moved to github. Klick on the project homepage for accessing the latest version!
Size: 133k, Revised: October 18th 2012, By: github.com

Easy File Management Web Server is a Web based File management software to manage your Files and folders easily through a Web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari etc.). You can administrate your Files and folders as easy as in your local drive and access with ...
File Sharing - File Share - web based file manager - web file management
Size: 2,642k, Revised: May 17th 2012, By: EFS Software, Inc.

ApPHP AJAX File Uploader is an easy to use, high-performance PHP AJAX Multiple File Upload Control which allows you to upload Files to Web server without refreshing the page. Most of the Web application available today includes a capability of user to upload Files, whether ...
php upload - php file upload - upload progress bar - php ajax upload - php ajax file upload - php upload progress - php upload progress script - upload progress ajax
Size: 10k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By: ApPHP - Advanced Power of PHP

WFV is a simple php File to put in your root public documents directory to make them available on the Web. It shows previews of pictures as thumbnails and display all the links needed. It is fully configurable. Please visit the Web site for more ...
Size: 28k, Revised: August 31st 2012, By: web-file-viewer.sourceforge.net

FeW (File Explorer on the Web) is a php script that allow users to manage their Files via the Web. Users can create, delete, rename, zip, upload and download Files and directories. Being serverside, makes it easily viewable by light/old browsers.
Size: 353k, Revised: September 13th 2012, By: few.sourceforge.net

Are you moving a Web page to a different url? Have visitors who come to your old address redirected smoothly and instantly to your new page. Have search engine robots who visit your old page to easilly find your new page. Do it all - ...
Html - Tool - Webmaster - Page - Meta - Javascript - Toolkit - Redirector - Innerpeace - Kit
Size: 8k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: InnerPeace.Org

DB3NF is a Rapid Web Application Development platform (RAD) designed for fast and easy creation of high performance, maintainable and scalable Web applications of virtually any kind. It also dramatically reduces development and QA time and provides a consistent look and feel throughout the application. ...
Vb - Script - Database - Asp - Application - Visual Studio - Iis - Sql - T-sql - Session Server
Size: 1,581k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Interapple, Inc.


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indexsoft Site-UP is a multilingual Web based File manager with build-in WYSIWYG editor. With help of Site-UP you can easy support your Website using only a computer connected to the Internet and browser. Moreover indexsoft Site-UP with success can replace any FTP client and telnet ...
multilingual web based file manager web based fil
Size: 410k, Revised: May 12th 2012, By: IndexSoft

Free for personal use. HTTP Commander Web Based File Manager for Windows servers running IIS. It is multifunctional product for Intra- and Internet, designed for Files and folders management over HTTP protocol; also it can be used to create Online File Sharing Solutions. Distinguishing features: ...
Online File Storage - web based file manager - web file manager - web based file storage - web based file sharing - online file manager - asp file manager - asp net file manager - web based file server - online file sharing
Size: 3,000k, Revised: September 26th 2012, By: HTTP Commander

Abacre Web Site Uploader is exactly what the name implies. It is fast, easy to use, and a great time-saver for Web site administrators and Webmasters. It can also be used by home or office users for uploading their Web site projects to remote servers. ...
Html - File - Software - Ftp - Automatic - Web - Server - Ftp Client - Program - Upload
Size: 850k, Revised: September 14th 2012, By: Abacre Software

NetServe Web Server is a super compact Web Server and File Sharing application for Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, and XP. It's HTTP Web Server can serve all types of Files including html, gif and jpeg, actually any Files placed in your NetServe directory can ...
Perl - Php - File Sharing - Server - Http - Asp - Web Server
Size: 3,185k, Revised: July 14th 2012, By: Net-X Solutions Ltd

Web Log Filter is a helper utility for people who have huge (Apache) Web log Files, over a gigabyte in size, and want to be able to analyze these logs in standard Web log analysis tools. Web Log Filter runs simple scripts that will rip ...
Size: 1,085k, Revised: February 25th 2009, By: DonationCoder.com

While surfing the net in order to find free space for home video or favorite songs, users often confuse two things - Web hosting and File hosting. So, what's the difference? First of all, Web hosting allows you to place your site on the Web. ...
File Hosting - free file hosting
Size: 1,044k, Revised: June 8th 2012, By: File Inspector Co.,Ltd

Personal File Server is a very flexible solution to share Files/folders with friends, colleagues and other users. It has a builtin Web server and a live Virtual File System (VFS) environment to incorporate all your File and folders without moving any data. Also a complete ...
 , Revised: May 14th 2012, By: Wrinx Labs, Inc.

Hunter Stone's WCE is a tool to make management of ASP.Net's Web configuration (Web.config) Files quicker and easier. Web.Config Editor supports two modes: Simple Mode, used for editing a single Web.config File, and Composite Mode, used for editing all Web.config Files that apply to an ...
Size: 3,174k, Revised: July 25th 2012, By: Hunterstone

PHP AJAX File Manager (PAFM) is a Web-based File manager designed to give you complete control of your site's Files. Source code editing is done with CodePress, a Web-based editor with as-you-type syntax highlighting.Please give feedback of the 1.0.4 release!---This project now resides at: https://github.com/mustafa0x/pafm
Size: 54k, Revised: June 6th 2012, By: github.com

Upload progress bar indicator for Web based File uploads. Easy integrated with your PHP scripts. Providing detailed inforation about your uploads. Including such features like real-time progress bar, amount of transferred bytes, approx. upload speed, tra
Size: 42k, Revised: July 14th 2012, By: sibsoft.net

Do you have anti-virus software installed on your computer, but still worry about its effectiveness? Run Dr.Web CureIt! (no need to install it) to quickly scan your computer and cure it of any malicious objects. Dr.Web CureIt is an indispensable tool for curing computers running ...
Scanner - Anti-virus - curing utility
Size: 158,128k, Revised: November 26th 2015, By: Doctor Web

AnalyseSpider is a powerful Web Log File Analyzer tool with a wealth of analysis to help you optimize your site.This tool can also help you to see if your Web site promotion is paying off, when you should update your Web site.Here you can see ...
Search - Report - Statistics - Reports - Analyzer - Analyser - Web Site - Analyze - Visitors - Web Stats
Size: 7,667k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Jgsoft Associates

The Web Site Extractor program is conveniently designed to download Internet Websites exactly the way you want them, including or excluding any parts you need or don't need (such as directory, domain and File names, types of Files, their size or any other properties). The ...
Download - Filter - Website - Browser - Extract - Extractor - Downloader - Offline Browser - Offline - File Downloader
Size: 1,075k, Revised: April 29th 2012, By: InternetSoft Corporation

Gian Virus Defender - Computer Browser is a handy and reliable computer browser that includes a Web browser, a File system watcher and a process explorer.Gian Virus Defender - Computer Browser is very easy to use and has a clean interface. It is completely portable.
Browser - Browse - Web Browser - Process Explorer - watcher - file watcher - Gian Virus Defender - Computer Browser
 , Revised: June 30th 2012, By: Gian Utilities

XUpload Pro is an advanced AJAX upload progress bar indicator for Web based File uploads written on Perl. XUpload lets you to accept File uploads on your Website and shows upload progress bar which is showing upload progress in real-time. Upload progress bar could be ...
File Uploader - web upload - Progress Bar - upload progress bar - perl upload
Size: 10k, Revised: September 22nd 2012, By: SibSoft Ltd.