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WebCalender is a Java servlet event calendar with a browser interface. Suitable for single user or group use, it has popup windows with rudimentary authentication for entering event data. Event data are stored in a MySQL database.
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Highly configurable Sync Solution for Outlook Calendars, Tasks and Contacts with many Web Solutions out there. Stand-alone and background Synchronization with Google Calendars, Gmail Contacts, Darwin CalendarServer, iCloud, DAViCal, Tobit DAVID FX, Webcalendar, EGroupware, EPL, Cosmo, Zimbra, IceWarp, Kerio, Bedework, SOGo, Scalix, maXvis, CitaDel, SmarterMail, ...
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This unique calendar WebDailyCalendar will give you maximum functionality with a minimum of requirements. A calendar was designed to be compatible with multiple browsers (not IE only!). Drag&Drop and Edit-In-Place are supported. Using JavaScript allows to significantly reduce HTML code size sent to a browser, ...
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