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Winpopup Speak is free add-on for Fomine Winpopup. This application speaks incoming messages that received by Fomine Winpopup.
Winpopup - Speech - Messenger - Netsend - Speak
Size: 133k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: FOMINE SOFTWARE

You do not need to have Internet connectivity to use this feature. Winpopup NET Messenger is a network messaging program ( LAN CHAT ) for Windows, that will allow you to send LAN messages from one computer to another on the same network. You may ...
Winpopup - Lan - Messenger - Winpop - Popuper
Size: 1,812k, Revised: October 9th 2008, By: CEZEO software.

The server is an optional component complementing Fomine Software instant messaging solution. Winpopup LAN Messenger can work with or without a dedicated server, but several functions can not be resolved in server-less architecture. If Winpopup Server is installed on the network, all Winpopup LAN Messenger ...
winpopup server IM lan instant messenger
Size: 809k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By: FOMINE SOFTWARE

Winpopup lan messenger is an ideal business solution for secure network messaging without the need of a server. Get the instant attention of the receiver by selecting the 'high priority' option for the message. Users will find the Winpopup lan messenger easy to deploy as ...
Winpopup - Lan - Communication - Messenger - Instant - Messaging - Netsend
Size: 1,475k, Revised: July 2nd 2012, By: FOMINE SOFTWARE

Winpopup Express let you send and exchange messages within your local network. Secure (not connected to the internet), reliable and easily accessible, this software is available for all versions of Windows. Winpopup Express allows you to send and receive short messages instantaneously to and from ...
Winpopup - Message - Lan - Secure - Network - Office - Send - Messenger - Local - Broadcast
Size: 4,669k, Revised: July 31st 2012, By: Namtuk

This instant-messaging tool is a powerful replacement for Microsoft Winpopup. Fomine Winpopup is a much better user-friendly application with a handy interface. It has a contact list, which shows user status: online, offline, busy, away. Fomine Winpopup supports many useful features such as emoticons, autoanswer ...
Winpopup - Lan - Communication - Messenger - Instant - Messaging - Netsend
Size: 1,321k, Revised: June 22nd 2012, By: FOMINE SOFTWARE

Winpopup Gold let you send, receive messages and chat through your local secure network (no internet access). Easy to set up and use (no server need, no ip address to setup), it enables you to point and send messages from other active Winpopup Gold even ...
Winpopup - Download - Lan - Network - Office - Home - Send - Local - Receive - Winpop
Size: 2,734k, Revised: May 28th 2012, By: Smart Is On

Winpopup ActiveX solves the problem of exchange data between your applications on the local area network (or in local computer) without any server. Simple to use, it also manages the Windows XP firewall while letting you to add your application and your desired ports in ...
Winpopup - Chat - Message - Network - Component - Activex - Communication - Messaging - Winpop - Ipc
Size: 471k, Revised: September 24th 2012, By: Namtuk


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Winpopup Protocol is a protocol plugin for Miranda IM. It allows to send and receive messages from computer to computer without using dedicated servers over Microsoft Network ( SMB ). Its MS Winpopup, net send, VikPoup, RealPopup, Netter etc. compatible.
Size: 97k, Revised: July 12th 2012, By:

Fomine NetSend is a package that contains two utility tools for sending messages via SMB protocol. This first tool NetSend.exe is a console application with a parameter set similar to NET SEND (distributed with Microsoft Windows NT/2002/XP). But unlike NET SEND, this application works with ...
Winpopup - Lan - Net - Send - Communication - Messenger - Instant - Messaging - Netsend
Size: 279k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: FOMINE SOFTWARE

Note / Todo / Reminder / LAN Messenger / Address book utility This program was created to help in organization of daily work with such features as ToDo/Reminders and sticky notes service along with address book and LAN messenger. The kernel of the program is ...
Winpopup - Message - Note - Reminder - Todo - Spam - Lan Messenger - Junk Email
Size: 929k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: WiredPlane

This software allows you sending short texts in computers networks (LAN/WAN). It's similar to the Winpopup, unfortunately win2000 and XP haven't got the Winpopup. Communication is based on a TCP/IP protocol.SizePopup has easy list of users and their IP addresses.. E-Mail guard, SQLite database manager, ...
Winpopup - Message - Lan - Send - Wan
Size: 635k, Revised: October 9th 2008, By: Ivan Sivak - SOFTWARE (4 other programs)

LanToucher Network Chat is small and easy-to-use chat software for your small office or home LAN (Local Area Network). This easy-to-use LAN chat program with simple, intuitive user interface and a minimum of settings to adjust is an easy text communication solution for your small ...
Winpopup - Network Chat - Im - Net Send - chat messenger - lan chat - intranet chat - instant chat - messenger service - EIM
Size: 1,160k, Revised: August 7th 2011, By: Vital Sound Laboratory

Fomine LAN Chat is tiny and easy-to-use instant messaging software. LAN Chat creates only one chat room, that is why it has very clear interface. The LAN Chat's interface is one window with list of chat participants, chat messages and outgoing message. And you can ...
Winpopup LAN Messenger - Chat - Lan - Messenger - Instant - Messaging - receive private messages - network administrators
Size: 268k, Revised: January 9th 2012, By: FOMINE SOFTWARE

Fomine Observer is an alternative to the Windows Messenger Service (Windows NT/2000/XP). Unlike the Messenger Service it has a convenient interface. You can also run Fomine Observer on Windows 98/ME.Fomine Observer can be used with Fomine Winpopup to perform one-way messaging. For example, this type ...
Winpopup - Chat - Instant Messaging - Lan Messenger - observer - fomine
Size: 1,024k, Revised: May 29th 2012, By: FOMINE SOFTWARE

OfficePopup allows the management team to inform employees about any important events or incidents by sending messages to entire departments or individual users on your network.By default, OfficePopup allows your employees to send and receive messages. However, in case you would like to use OfficePopup ...
Winpopup - Chat - Lan - Network - Send - Messenger - Popup - Home Network - Instant Messaging - Messaging
Size: 1,198k, Revised: October 3rd 2012, By: Smart Software Development

This LAN messenger allows you to exchange messages on a local network (LAN). The program does not require you to set aside a server to function properly. It is easily configurable and you will be ready to work immediately after the product's installation.The messenger features ...
Winpopup - Lan - Dialog - Communication - Messenger - Instant - Messaging - dialogue
Size: 686k, Revised: July 21st 2012, By: FOMINE SOFTWARE

Akeni LAN messenger is designed for business instant messaging (IM) for LAN. Akeni LAN messenger is NOT based on Winpopup. It can be used with existing Enterprise IM or Corporate IM systems.The LAN Instant messaging IM does not require connection to the internet. Also with ...
File - Transfer - Lan - Network - Notification - Messenger - Instant - Alerts - Conference - Enterprise Im
Size: 4,106k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By: Akeni

WinMessenger is an easy to use program that allows you to send and receive messages from computer to computer in real-time without using dedicated servers.It works over any network protocol (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, etc.), it is easy to deploy and it does not require computer ...
Winpopup - Chat - Real-time - Message - Lan - Network - Broadcast - Wan - Instant - Messaging
Size: 1,260k, Revised: July 31st 2012, By: VyPRESS Research, LLC

Vypress Messenger is the first real-time messaging system specifically designed for business Intranets. Using a peer-to-peer architecture, it delivers text messages from workstation to workstation in real-time, without the typical delay associated with conventional e-mail, and absolutely safe with high-grade encryption and digital signatures.Vypress Messenger ...
Winpopup - Chat - Real-time - Message - Lan - Network - Broadcast - Wan - Instant - Messaging
Size: 1,331k, Revised: July 30th 2012, By: VyPRESS Research, LLC

Intra-office communication is essential to modern businesses; you need to be able to call your employees to meetings or update a project group quickly, easily and securely. As we all know, Internet Messenger applications are neither necessarily fast nor safe, and with security issues becoming ...
Lan Messenger - lan chat - net send alternative - winpopup replacer
Size: 8,081k, Revised: July 24th 2014, By: Realpopup Ltd

Small console utility that can be used to send the messages from an command line, like Net send command in the Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. But our utility Netsend.exe works in all Windows versions. NetSend is Winpopup and Net ...
Netsend Netsend Command - Net Send Command
Size: 328k, Revised: October 17th 2008, By: CEZEO software.

Message-Bob ist ein einfach zu bedienendes, zu bekannten Messaging-Programmen wie Winpopup oder dem "net send"-Befehl kompatibles, Client/Server-Netzwerkkommunikations-Programm. Ermöglicht den Versand von Nachrichten oder kleinen Notizzetteln. Ein Chat-Room erlaubt Diskussionen mehrerer Teilnehmer im LAN.
Size: 587k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Mario Eschweiler