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Generates Xml Sitemap, REQUIRED for search engine optimization for Google, MSN, Yahoo - all at once! 4 Step very easy installation, start using in 5 minutes! Completely dynamic - no additional support required. Supports UNLIMITED number of pages (when million is not enough). Supports Xml ...
XML Sitemap for x-Cart - xcart xml sitemap - xcart sitemap
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Generates Xml Sitemap, REQUIRED for search engine optimization for Google, MSN, Yahoo - all at once! 4 Step very easy installation, start using in 5 minutes! Completely dynamic - no additional support required. Supports UNLIMITED number of pages (when million is not enough). Supports Xml ...
XML SiteMap for CRE Loaded - CRE Loaded xml sitemap - CRE Loaded sitemap
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realtor postcards, Easy Xml Sitemap creator, real estate postcards, realtor postcards, Sitemap tool, real estate postcard marketing, postcards for real estate agents
Easy Xml Sitemap Creator - Real Estate Postcards - Realtor Postcards - Sitemap Tool - Real Estate Postcard Marketing
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Smart tags are a powerful new feature in Microsoft Word 2002, Microsoft Excel 2002, and Microsoft Outlook« 2002 (when Word is enabled as the e-mail editor). With this feature, developers can create custom solutions to label specific text with relevant contextual actions. For example, a ...
Size: 41k, Revised: September 11th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

Store Manager for Oscommerce is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your Oscommerce online store. Manage Oscommerce products, Oscommerce product attributes, categories, manufacturers, orders and other things. ... You can export Oscommerce products into Excel file, edit it and then import products into ...
osCommerce manager - oscommerce store manager - oscommerce product manager
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Oscommerce RSS Aggregator is a tool that allows you to import RSS news feeds from various sources and place them on your Oscommerce shopping cart. It's a great way to improve your SEO results and get your store to be indexed more frequently.
Oscommerce Rss Import - Import Rss To Oscommerce - Aggregate Oscommerce Rss
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Point of Sale (POS) for Oscommerce is a virtual sales terminal which allows to handle orders from additional sales channels beside your online store. With the help of Point of Sale you (or your sales staff) will be able to take orders by phone or ...
Oscommerce Pos - Oscommerce Point Of Sale - Pos Oscommerce
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Oscommerce Follow-up Autoresponder is a COMPLETE automatic email follow up system, to get your store marketing to next level. When someone makes order, requests information from your store, web form, newsletter or whatever, your autoresponder software will send out a preset reply instantly and then ...
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vtiger CRM Integration for Oscommerce will bring integrity to your business by keeping your inventory, customer and order information in your online stores and vtiger CRM synchronized.
Vtiger Integration For OsCommerce - Vtiger For Oscommerce - Oscommerce Vtiger
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QuickBooks Integration is a Store Manager for Oscommerce plugin which allows you to export your Oscommerce products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks - well-known, powerful accounting software. QuickBooks Integration Plugin for Oscommerce can help you synchronize product and customer information between your ...
oscommerce quickbooks - oscommerce quickbooks export
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Peachtree Integration is a Store Manager for Oscommerce addon which allows you to synchonize your Oscommerce products, customers and orders with Peachtree by Sage that can give your business an edge with greater visibility, enhanced analytics, and streamlined processes.
oscommerce peachtree - oscommerce peachtree export
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Xml library for DATABUS language. There are basic functions for export/import Xml files. This package contains additional classes for LinkedLists, Stacks, Exceptions etc.
Size: 33k, Revised: June 22nd 2012, By: dbcdom.sourceforge.net

Provides DirectPOS payment modules for Oscommerce. This should work for Postbank-Paysolution and Sparkassen-Internetkasse as well.
Size: 27k, Revised: June 22nd 2012, By: osc-paymentdpos.sourceforge.net

software will help you to change parts of multiple product descriptions at once. Once the Macro System is configured, you'll have the ability to change the content for ALL products in moments.
OsCommerce Macro - OsCommerce Macros - Macro System OsCommerce Module
Size: 307k, Revised: October 16th 2012, By: MagneticOne

Mass AdWords Product Ads for will help you to easily create separate ads in Google AdWords for EACH product in your store. You can do it once for complete store, creating hundreds or thousands of ads or just select one or few products to create ...
osCommerce Adwords - oscommerce Google Adwords - Mass Ads Oscommerce
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OpenXml4j is a Java library supporting Open Package Convention for Office Open Xml File Format documents. Microsoft Office 2007 documents using ECMA 376 specs are actually supported, Microsoft Office 2010 support is coming.
Size: 130k, Revised: June 28th 2012, By: openxml4j.org

An alternative to Java's Object Serialization Model using a Xml formatthat is flexible, and parsable and can easily be used to pass data to other languages, and applications, as well as for debugging output.
Size: 26k, Revised: September 12th 2012, By: xmlserializer.sourceforge.net

kXml-RPC is a Java ME (J2ME) implementation of the Xml-RPC protocol built on top of the kXml parser. kXml-RPC empowers Java ME devices with a lightweight mechanism for exchanging data and invoking web services, in a neutral, standardized Xml format.
Size: 25k, Revised: August 2nd 2012, By: kxmlrpc.sourceforge.net

dom4j is a simple and flexible open source library for working with Xml, XPath and XSLT on the Java platform using the Java Collections Framework with full integration with DOM, SAX and JAXP.
Size: 9,460k, Revised: September 13th 2012, By: dom4j.sourceforge.net

Programming library for writing an Xml-RPC server or client in C or C++. Xml-RPC is a standard network protocol to allow a client program to make a simple remote procedure call (RPC) type request of a server. Like SOAP or CORBA, but much simpler.
Size: 741k, Revised: August 22nd 2012, By: xmlrpc-c.sourceforge.net

Several trivial extensions of the popular SAX and JUnit APIs are applied in unison, resulting in a framework that obsoletes the need for pesky TestSuites.
Size: 79k, Revised: May 7th 2012, By: xtestsuite.sourceforge.net

Open Xml is an open ECMA 376 standard and is also approved as the ISO/IEC 29500 standard that defines a set of Xml schemas for representing spreadsheets, charts, presentations, and word processing documents. Microsoft Office Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 all use Open ...
Size: 93,317k, Revised: September 6th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

Generate an accurate Google Sitemap in seconds! Just enter your URL and go. Inspyder Sitemap Creator will crawl your site and generate a Google Sitemap that's ready for submission. No errors, no missing pages, no hassles!Sitemap Creator's powerful 'Site Sections' allows you to quickly and ...
Sitemap - Google Sitemap - xml sitemap - google sitemap creator
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