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Jing, a Java based DAO (Data Access Object) framework, allows for aclean seperation between the DAO layer and the Persistance layer.Projects can swap persistance frameworks or use multiple frameworkswithout \"rocking the boat.\"
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The I Ching, also known as the Yi Jing, or (in English) Book of Changes, is an oracle; a divination device that forms a pattern reflecting the forces at work in the Universe at a particular point in time. The I Ching has been used ...
Yi Jing - I Ching - Yijing - Divination - I-ching - Iching - Book of Changes - iqing - zhouyi - online i ching
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MB Free I Ching Software is an advanced yet simple program that makes the user familiar to the great powers of the Chinese Oracle known as the I Ching. It offers an easy to use interface, which allows the user to get answers to his ...
Yi Jing - I Ching - Yijing - Dao - Iching - Tao - I-ching Software - Taoism - Daoism - Iching Software
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Includes the Richard Wilhelm / Baynes translation with additional comments plus the ancient Chinese text.The I Ching or Book of Changes is a classic of the Chinese literature that has been used well over two thousands years as a wisdom repository and for divination. Some ...
Yi Jing - I Ching - Yijing - Oracle - Divination - fortune telling - Book of Changes - hexagram - trigram
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BabelPad is a free Unicode text editor for Windows that supports the proper rendering of most complex scripts, and allows you to assign different fonts to different scripts in order to facilitate multi-script text editing. BabelPad supports the latest version of Unicode.Tools and Utilities: * ...
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Visual Complex is a graph software to create graph of complex function. 3D function graphs and 2D color maps can be created with this grapher. You can input complex functions in the form of w=f(z) (where z=x+Yi) directly before creacting graphs. Graphs can be copied ...
complex grapher - graph software - complex graphs
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ScreenRec is a free, lightweight screen capture software that allows you to record your screen or take a screenshot in a click. Its insanely easy to use and there is NO learning curve. Just select screen capture area, press a button and you are done! ...
Free Screen Capture - Screen Capture Tool - Free screen recorder - record screen audio and video - private screen recorder - easy to use screen recorder - Snagit alternative - iSpring alternative - best free screen recorder - Jing alternative
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