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The I Ching, also known as the Yi Jing, or (in English) Book of Changes, is an oracle; a divination device that forms a pattern reflecting the forces at work in the Universe at a particular point in time. The I Ching has been used ...
Yijing - I Ching - Yi Jing - Divination - I-ching - Iching - Book of Changes - iqing - zhouyi - online i ching
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MB Free I Ching Software is an advanced yet simple program that makes the user familiar to the great powers of the Chinese Oracle known as the I Ching. It offers an easy to use interface, which allows the user to get answers to his ...
Yijing - I Ching - Yi Jing - Dao - Iching - Tao - I-ching Software - Taoism - Daoism - Iching Software
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Includes the Richard Wilhelm / Baynes translation with additional comments plus the ancient Chinese text.The I Ching or Book of Changes is a classic of the Chinese literature that has been used well over two thousands years as a wisdom repository and for divination. Some ...
Yijing - I Ching - Yi Jing - Oracle - Divination - fortune telling - Book of Changes - hexagram - trigram
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