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Download lines directly from reliable offshore bookmakers. They do not come from a third party server. This software retrieves and arranges thEm into a simple Excel type of graphic user interface. Set cell phone or computer speaker alarms to go off when arbitrage is found. ...
Lines - Line - Bet - Casino - Market - Alert - Gamble - Odds - Bookmaker - Sportsbook
Size: 3,322k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Contract Software

FC-Win (tm) is a front-end program for Fortran Calculus (tm). The Fortran Calculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathEmatical model, constraints, and the objective (function) ...
Engineering - Optimization - Teaching - Simulation - Math Modeling - Fortran Calculus Programming - Fortran Calculus Language - Fortran Calculus Compiler
Size: 3,379k, Revised: January 14th 2010, By: Optimal Designs Enterprise (8 other programs)

Kiwi Log Viewer for Windows is a freeware application that displays text based log files in a tabular format. Only a small section of the file is read from disk at a time which saves mEmory and allows you to view a file that would ...
Csv - Log File Viewing - Apache Logs - Pix Log File - Tab Delimited Format - Syslog Files - Colorized Display
Size: 1,219k, Revised: October 28th 2008, By: Kiwi Enterprises

Over 10,000 players across the globe are using Win-EURO - simply the best roulette Winning calculation software to Win hundreds of dollars in minutes online! (*) Maximum Profits Award Winning systEm makes you hundreds in minutes! No paperwork or guesswork required. (*) Pro Level Strategies ...
Killer - Win - Gamble - Cash - Online Casino - Make Money - How To Win At Roulette - Roulette Sniper - Roulettekiller - Roulettesniper
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Programm zur automatischer Sicherung von Dateien und eigener Dateien; automatischer Aufruf von Programmen zur Festplattenüberprüfung/ Defragmentierung sowie eigener Programme. Ermöglicht individuelle Konfigurationen, sodaß z.B. auch mehrere verschiedene voneinander unabhängige Sicherungen möglich sind.
Size: 1,782k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Sven Zielke

Das ideale und kostenlose Programm, um das Kassenbuch für Ihren Steuerberater vorzubereiten. Die einfache Erfassung unterscheidet zwischen Einnahmen und Ausgaben, buchhalterische Kenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich. Die fertigen Buchungen können Sie anschlieÃźend per DATEV-Export (Standardformat der Steuerberater) weitergeben.
Size: 11,914k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: ProSaldo GmbH

math4u2 ist ein Computer-MathEmatik-SystEm, speziell konzipiert für den Einsatz in der Vorlesung, im Unterricht und beim Selbststudium. Das math4u2-SystEm besteht aus dEm math4u2-Tool und dEm math4u2-Server. math4u2 ist ein Projekt der Fachhochschule Augsburg. Speziell für Präsentationen und schnelle Visiualisierung von Funktionen ist math4u2 gut geeignet.
Tool - Math - Presentation - Plot - Function - Interacitve
Size: 17,337k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: FH Augsburg

Provides an instant list of tactics for solving common negotiation, persuasion and conflict resolution problEms. Win- is the first software that tells you how to be more persuasive. It helps you communicate, sell, negotiate and create agreEment. Utilizing the most comprehensive collection of tactics in ...
Training - Marketing - Resolve - Employment - Purchasing
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Setup your own Texas Hold thEm game server, play with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues in your local area network(LAN). Want to play with real people and virtual computer players on same table,A you need HahooPoker Texas Hold'Em Home Edition.The systEm includes a server application ...
single player - em - Texas Hold 39 - multiple player
Size: 3,041k, Revised: October 12th 2012, By: HahooPoker inc.

A single player game. play with computer players. Simply download and play. No configuration needed for you to start. You can get more fun if you spend a little time in setting up computer plays. Features: 1 Play with computer2 Easy to use3 Able to ...
single player - em - Texas Hold 39
Size: 2,775k, Revised: September 21st 2012, By: HahooPoker inc.

Entertainment only but final table excitEment with each new game. Pull up a chair to a short handed game typical of a roadhouse in the old American West. Enjoy background piano music, sounds of thunder storms and calls from the local wildlife. Your opponents will ...
Game - Shareware - Free - Games - Card Game - Card Games - Card - Cards - Fun - Gambling
Size: 14,459k, Revised: May 5th 2012, By: Software By David L. Bryer, LLC

Manage all your most used files, Internet Shortcuts and drives. It will run all your old DOS programs and new Windows utilities. Configure by DragDrop to menu bar or use the feature packed setup Screen program to access all the advanced features. You might even ...
Size: 1,106k, Revised: May 20th 2009, By: sventore.com

WinkeyFinder 1.73RC2 is the latest WinkeyFinder, please download this version, as this has lots of bugs being fixed also tried to make it work for MS Office 2007. Please report any bugs.Mistakenly yesterday I linked WinkeyFinder 1.73RC2 download to WinkeyFinder 1.73RC1 Download file. Please re-download ...
Size: 82k, Revised: October 19th 2008, By: Imran Baig

Em Client is being developed as a alternative to MS Outlook. It integrates enhanced Calendaring interface, Task and Contacts and Instant Messaging that users can simply configure and use. With Em Client you can easily import your messages and contacts from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, ...
Size: 7,178k, Revised: October 21st 2009, By: E&S Software Ltd.

Sample-And-Hold.sep in two versions, the regular and the ungated.. SynthEdit - Download a modular software synthesizer.. Download the free shareware soft synth design software. Create your own VST Plugin soft synth and effects.
Size: 113k, Revised: October 19th 2009, By: Synthedit (11 other programs)

SQLite is a in-process library that implEments a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. The code for SQLite is in the public domain and is thus free for use for any purpose, commercial or private. SQLite is currently found in more applications than we ...
Size: 246k, Revised: September 11th 2009, By: SQLite

Convert all popular video format on Win to play on iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune and other Portable Media Players and cell phones. Kigo Video Converter Pro for Win support all popular video formats including AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, ASF, MOV, VOB, MP4, 3GP, ...
Size: 18,770k, Revised: August 26th 2009, By: KVC Inc.

A client for deviantArt's Messaging Network (dAmn) for Windows.. dAmn[Win]. Publisher of dAmnWin, Author of dAmnWin 1.0.3092.4085. A client for deviantArt's Messaging Network (dAmn) for Windows.
Size: 635k, Revised: September 25th 2009, By: plaguethenet

The software Win Nanny takes care automatically with starting of the computer and takes the control of the access. Finished the arguments to know when and how long the children are on the computer. Win Nanny makes it possible to the parents to limit the ...
Win Nanny parental control software for windows
Size: 1,004k, Revised: August 29th 2012, By: Blue Lizard Software

The Em-1 Editor is a Pattern Editor and Manager for the Korg Electribe Em-1 Groovebox.It comes with a full Step Sequencer Emulation, a Motion Sequence Editor, Piano Roll Editor, Pattern Matrix etc.New in 2.00:Fader Automatization added, Tutorials added, Piano Roll Editor enhanced etc...The all-in-one overview ...
Music - Editor - Midi - Dj - Pattern - Rave - Techno - loops - Korg - Electribe
Size: 2,447k, Revised: May 18th 2012, By: midiweb.de

With the start menu 'Super Win Menu' for Microsoft Windows™ regularly used applications and documents can be opened and started fast and directly. The current used working environment is available immediately. No tiresome clicking through different folder levels is needed in order to start a ...
Vista - Alternative - Start Button - classic start menu - superwinmenu - super win menu - windows startmen - windows start menu - classic windows start menu - windows 7 start menu
Size: 6,840k, Revised: October 24th 2012, By: Infonautics GmbH

Hold Image 2 is a professional DRM (Digital rights managEment) systEm for image copy protection. This program is primarily designed for the individuals willing to protect their intellectual property against theft in the global Internet. The systEm equipped with a range of optional capabilities creates ...
Watermark - Copy Protection - Drm - image encryption - hold image - hold image viewer - image packing - systematization photo - image marketing
Size: 8,828k, Revised: March 4th 2015, By: Simple Kind

Hold Image 2 - [Viewer] is a part of the Hold Image 2 DRM systEm. Hold Image 2 - [Viewer] is a program for vieWing projects created in Hold Image 2 - [Editor] program. Hold Image 2 - [Viewer] is a container with its own ...
Watermark - Copy Protection - Drm - image encryption - hold image - hold image viewer - image packing - systematization photo - image marketing
Size: 2,776k, Revised: March 9th 2015, By: Simple Kind