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This is the newest program from ZSoft Software.It allows you to create a website, easy as 1-2-3.All you have to do is add pages and write the text. That's more or less it. Give it a try, you can make your own web-page in under 2 minutes!The output have been tested in Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera and it looks more or less the same everywhere. No more worrying about people using different browsers. The output also passes the W3 validation test.This program can be used by everyone, but you won't be able to create a new Google using it.If your a soccer-mom trying to create a small website for your soccer-team (or something like that), this software would be great for your needs.If your have tried to create web-pages before, but it took a million years to get finished, this program could be for you to.If your a code-expert that normally write your web-pages in notepad this program could be used by you, but only if your really in a hurry ;). You should instead boost your productivity by writing your code in a program like Notepad++.I've created a small presentation and quick-start guide. If you don't like the way the page looks, don't worry, there are more than one theme in ZSoft Easy Web Creator.It is shareware and costs 2$ for a single license. In the unregistered version you can only add 5 pages.. ZSoft Software: Latest News. Home of ZSoft Software, creator of ZSoft Uninstaller, ZSoft Easy Web Creator etc



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